Saturday, October 31, 2009

Resources for Admins, Players, and New Players

If you reading this blog you are probably very interested in online text gaming. I've written quite a few posts and topics that would aid beginners, veteran gamers, and admins. Below are some articles and posted listed by knowledge and interest.

For New Online Text Gamers:
Just What is a MUD?
Why Text Based Games?
Selecting an Online Text Based Game
What is Roleplay?
Acclimating to a MUD Quickly
RP Classifications for MUDs

For MUD Administrators or Staff:
Making an Online Game Welcoming for New Players
Guide to Creating a Safe Online Game Environment
Survival of Online Text Games

For Players:
Top Five Mud Clients
Making your Mark on an Online Text Game
Pay to Play Online Text Games
Gender Bending on Online Games

Happy Reading!

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