Friday, October 23, 2009

Five Great Comics for Online Gamers

Every mu* player needs a fun distraction from time to time. One of the great things about online text games is that it is very possible to surf the web while doing so. Below is a list of webcomics that many gamers will enjoy.

In quasi- order of online gaming relevance:

1.) The Noob
A webcomic about a fictional MMORPG called Clichequest. It follows the
characters and the game staff. Not specifically about online text games, but many
of the humor still applies.

2.) Elf Only Inn
Elf Only Inn follows a group of individuals in a fantasy based chat room. At
some point in the strip the group moves to play an MMORPG. If you have spent a
good deal of time in a theme based chat room, MMORPG, or like to roleplay you
will find this comic particularly humorous.

3.) Looking for Group
A webcomic that follows an elven hunter and an evil warlock in an MMORPG. Filled
with onling gaming humor and fantasy and pop culture references, this comic is an
entertaining read.

4.) PVP (Player vs. Player) Online
PVP online is about a video game magazine and its employees. The webcomic is
about video games with other "geek" references to comics and RPGs. One of the
main characters, Jade, plays online roleplaying games.

5.) Order of the Stick
Order of the Stick follows an adventuring group playing Dungeons and Dragons.
The audience for this webcomic is D&D players (a must read for them) and table
top RPG players.

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