Saturday, October 24, 2009

MUSHclient Review

There are may good MUD clients out there to use. I used GMUD for years until it stopped working well with the newer operating systems. (I can no longer recommend GMUD at this time because of it.) While I use ALclient occassionaly, I've been happily using MUSHclient as my primary client for years. While the program used to delay opening if you used an unregistered version, it has been changed so there is no difference between a registered and unregistered copy. I would still encourage everyone to donate to the developer if you end up using it often!

MUSHclient only takes up 11MB on a hard drive or flash drive. Having played MUDs before on telnet I would not want to do so again without a mud client again! If you like to MUD I would suggest carrying around a flash drive with a client, you never know when you may have free time. All mud clients I have tested will run right off a flash drive.

Aliases (command shorthands)
Triggers (auto-reponse to keywords)
Timers (send commands at intervals)
Keypad-navigation (use numeric keypad to go North, South, etc.)
Tab-completion (press to have a word completed from recent MUD output)
Speed-walking (quickly move by typing speed walks, like 4n 5w)
Auto-say. Having a long conversation? Let MUSHclient put "say" in front of everything you type.
Graphical bars (health bars, experience bars etc.) implemented by miniwindows

For those who are active scripters, MUSHclient supports JScript, Lua, PerlScript, PhpScript, Python, VBscript. It runs with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista and under Wine on Linux.

There is even a chat feature in which you can speak to others with MUSHclient and allow them to view your screen as well. I've played around with this feature but not used it much.

MUSHClient has a 500,000 line buffer. Depending on how active you are this allows for days of playing to still be accessible on the client. Coupled with the search text feature it can be incredibly useful.

I also enjoy the ability to change all the presented colors on the client. To avoid mistakes I change the color of my backgrounds for different characters and accounts.

I've enjoyed using MUSHclient for years and it meets my needs very well!

*From the MUSHclient website

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