Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hero by Day, Zombie by Night

In honor of Halloween coming up, I'll let you all know of another one of my other gaming diversions. (As if I don't have enough already!)

I've been playing a simple web browser game called Urban Dead for a couple of years now. Like most zombie themes the premise is simple some awful zombie creating virus spread upon the town of Malton. To protect the rest of the world Malton was quaratined by a large (apparently inpenetradable) fence and the remaining survivors were left to fend for themselves. The game pits zombie against survivor and at times survivor vs. survivor.

The game is a very simple turn based web browser game. Actions points limit the amount of actions a player can take in a day. The max action points a player can have is 50 and they reaccumulate at a rate of one per half an hour or 48 per day. Survivors defend their safe houses by barricading them up and killing attacking zombies. They can take care of each through healing and turn zombies back into humans with revive needles. Zombies shamble around the game trying to eat tasty, tasty brains.

You can play this game very effectively as a loner especially as a zombie and as a survivor as long as you learn how to find revive points. Survivors die a lot in the game so players get used to it! Some players chose to play characters that are described as being "dual natured" they adopt the role of the helpful survivor or the brain eating zombie depending on what side they are on at the moment. For the casual player it does not take a lot of time to play and can be a fun diversion.

More serious players a lot of times end up joining a group. There are plenty of different types out there - Pro-survivor, zombie, player killing, anti-player killing, roleplaying. Whatever your prefered playing style there is a group out there for you.

The community is very active in general. There is a lot of good information on both the game and groups at the Urban Dead Wiki.

If you want some extra help in game while starting I would highly suggest to contacting the Malton College of Medicine to discover where they are headquartered at the given moment. They are a very helpful pro-survivor group that is focused on helping new players. The best way to contact them is on their forums.

I would definitely suggest Urban Dead for a fun gaming distraction!

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