Monday, September 28, 2009

Acclimating to a MUD Quickly

I've talked about how to make a MUD newbie friendly for administration on a game. But if you are a player you might be interested in how to acclimate to a MUD quickly. After all you want to make the most of your game time!

The first thing you should do when trying out a game is to check and see what online web resources are for a game. Information can be sketchy in a game itself but the information on the web is always accessible. The game staff may have even created an extensive new player guide for their website.

Another good online resource are game forums. Sometimes those forums are accessible to the public and full of answers to questions from new players. If the players are passionate about a game they may have information about their favorite game on their own sites. Sometimes that information may even be more helpful than what is on the game site, so taking a few minutes to see what is out there on the web can be very worth it.

Once you have information from the web it is time to start the game proper. Sometimes the creation process can be very extensive and you will be happy you have all that information available. You may be excited about getting into the game proper but make sure you use the creation area to its full extent. A well designed creation area will give a player a lot of valuable information.

While looking for information on the web for the game and going through creation try to determine what way you can directly access help from a live player. Sometimes things are so confusing a player will need that extra help and attention. Just don't overtax the individuals that are there to help you. Try to discover as much on your own if you can. Most of these people are volunteers!

Don't be afraid to ask your fellow players for help. A brand new player to a game is going to make mistakes just accept that. Existing players a lot of times have a wealth of information. Just try to determine the appropriate way to ask another player for help. It will vary on different games. Don't worry how you might appear to others, everyone was new to a game at some time! If worse comes to worse you can always start over with a fresh new character, but with a lot more information.

Getting acclimated to a game does not have to be a frustrating process. Just find and use the tools that are specifically built for you!

Good luck!

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