Friday, September 25, 2009

Making Your Mark on an Online Text Game

At some time or another, players often find that just playing an online text game is enough for them. They want their characters to be famous or make a significant impact on the game. I've successfully been able to gain leadership positions on three different MUDs including gaining a staff position. I'll warn you, my advice is not for the faint of heart!

1.) Be considerate of your fellow players. If you are playing a roleplay enforced game and your character is a jerk that is fine, but in all out of character interactions treat your fellow players well. Some people may find it interesting to play with or against a confrontational character, but no one likes to be treated poorly out of character. If you markedly different than your character's personality you will get a lot of respect from your fellow players. If it is not an RP enforced game then just be nice. It is game. People are there to have fun.

2.) Be mature and consistent. The administration of a game or the player base are going to want to place someone inconsistent and selfish into a leadership role. Consistency will instill confidence in others and create trust. People who evidently have more than their own desires on their mind get more respect then those who don't care about others.

3.) Work hard. This is probably one of the most important things that will allow you to get and maintain guild positions. You simply need to be willing to work and contribute to the game organizations or the game itself. I have seen many staff, builders, and leaders come and go very quickly because they were not willing to put hardly any effort it. Positions are not just about fame, they have a price. If you don't enjoy or aren't willing to do work then you aren't going to be very happy in a game position and no one will be very happy with you!

4.) Create an interesting character. In a sea of gorgeous or buff characters, dare to be different! Find an RP niche that honors the consistency of the game world, but is unique. If you can pull off an outlandish character all for the better. People will remember you and enjoy RPing with you if you add something special to the game. But don't try to play a character that possesses qualities you don't have in some degree. Most people have a horrible time roleplaying what they are not.

To be truly influential on a game and popular, you truly need to be considerate, mature, consistent, and unselfish. Players that are brash and selfish may make a mark only for a short time. You don't want to be a flash in the pan!

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