Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Mud Connector

The Mud Connector (TMC) is without a doubt one of the best MUD (text gaming) resources on the web. TMC provides an extensive MUD list, articles, game reviews, discussion boards, and a robust resource list.

TMC likely has the most updated MUD listing on the web. They keep track of both permenant and temporary closing of text games. Better yet, you can check the connection to a game directly from their website in its listing. Text games can be found by name, catagory, or through advanced searching.

The advanced search features allows for the user to search over 40 game features to find the game they are looking for. Some of those features include code base, country of origin, language, player killing options, world size, size of active playerbase, roleplay options and a multitude of more specific game features.

The directly on the MUD listing is links for checking connection, official game website, player reviews, and even connecting to the game itself. Included in each game listing is an brief explaination of the game and a detailed listing of its features.

The Mud Connector has a top 10 mud list. Honestly, the best use of such lists is to see how active and passionate is the player base and game administration.

The Mud Connector has plenty of resources for the gamer including articles, list of MUD and programming books, and an extensive listing of websites on MUDs and gaming.

The community at TMC is active with forums and reviews. TMC has the most updated and extensive player reviews for MUDs. Knowledgeable members post on a daily basis.

Whether you are just getting into the world of MUDing or an experienced player, the Mud Connector has something for you!

Keep up the good work, TMC!

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