Monday, September 21, 2009

Developing a Character

Whether a game is roleplaying enforced or not, fully developing your character can enrich your playing experience. There are two main ways to develop a character - working forward or working backward.

Working Backward
Once you have decided on a game what class and race you wish to play or what type of character you wish to play, then you can decide on what would motivate an individual of their race or background to seek the life that they did. Is it a traditional path for your character's background or non-traditional? Did their family influence them in some way to take the path by direct encouragement or indirect action? Was there a significant event that occured that led them to become an adventurer?

Working Forward
If you have an idea for the background or race of your character then you can consider how they were raised. What was a typical life for a person of that particular race or region? Was your character's life different in some way? Based on their experiences and temperment what course would they take in their life? Depending on the game, it could be possible to enter the game without knowing what path your character is going to take. Sometimes it can be very rewarding to let the character development evolve based on their most recent experiences.

Either way the more time you take in considering character development the easier and more instinctive it will be to play your character well on a text based game. The game play on multi-player online text games happens quickly. Knowing more about your character's background and motivations helps you to decide on what they would do in any given circumstance.

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