Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dungeons and Dragons

Playing and staffing a MUD takes a lot of my time, but I still make the time every week to play Dungeons and Dragons. It is a past time that I have been doing on and off for about 23 years. (I was very young when I started!) One of the reasons that I got into online gaming was that I couldn't be in a consistent table top gaming group at the time.

Playing on an RP enforced MUD is the closest thing that I could find to replacing the Dungeons and Dragons experience. If you play on an online text based game and have never tried Dungeons and Dragons (D & D) I would reccommend giving it a go!

D & D Edition 3.5 was getting particularly complex. Even a veteran gamer like myself found it complicated! Dungeons and Dragons got a large overhaul in its fourth edition. While some old timers have complained it makes the game too simple for the novice it is still a lot to learn. I applaud the change because it makes the game more accessible to new players.

For those interested in playing, check with your fellow gamers to see if anyone plays. Most groups wouldn't mind someone visiting one of their gaming sessions to observe. There are plenty of different styles of gaming group so focus on the game play primarily. If the people in the group do not appeal to you there might be others out there. The old fashioned way of finding a gaming group is creating a flyer for your local gaming store and posting it up on their bulletin board. Those who run game stores can be good resources as well.

Playing D & D can get you out of the house and interacting with honest to goodness individuals, an important thing for reclusive gamers to do from time to time. The game play will be likely slower then you are used to, but roleplay can be more enriching.

There is a lot of information online at the Dungeons and Dragons website so if you are interested go take a look!

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