Saturday, November 28, 2009

Being a Female Gamer

I don't really talk about being a female gamer much on my blog, but I thought it might be an interesting topic for some people. I honestly don't address it much because I am an experienced gamer period. I would much rather be known as that then a female gamer. I've been gaming since I was young and to this day do so more then any of my brothers. I don't believe my gender effects my capabilities or aptitudes as a gamer.

The only thing that my gender seems to effect is how male gamers treat me in primarily two ways. Since I don't wish to be treated any differently then my fellow gamers regardless of gender it has been annoying to say the least.

One annoying attitude that I've encountered is some male gamers automatically assuming that because I have inferior skills. This certainly can and has been disproved in the past but it is no less annoying dealing with this type of male gamer. Over the years as more and more females have become gamers the younger generations don't typically carry this same attitude as much. Though some of my fellow female are not helping the issue by calling themselves gamers when they are more interested in being interesting to male gamers. Ladies, it is fine to chase male gamers, I've always had an affinity for them, but please do not besmirch the name of true female gamers everywhere by calling yourself what you are not. Trust me. Most will like you anyway!

Which really leads me to the other issue I've had. A true "gamer chick" is the male gamers dream girlfriend. She is someone that not only won't keep her man from gaming, but will join in the fun! Time and again male gamer friends have expressed feelings for me. Feelings that I haven't returned. It makes things very awkward! I've even had to break off friendships in some cases. Unlike some I take no pleasure in someone caring for me when I don't feel the same.

But being a female gamer is not all bad. It did lead me to the one that has captured my heart. I wouldn't change that for the world.


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